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Ruairi Cahill

Creative Director | Camera Operator | Post-Production (Video Editing) | Funk-Soul Media |

Film (Media) Production [BA Hons] from Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, England. Creator of Funk-Soul Media.

With a degree in Media (Film) Production, Ruairi is the fresh face and warm heart of the Funk-Soul Media business. An internationally respected videographer he oozes passion for every element of the media production craft. Ruairi is an all round Funk-Soul Magician; he engulfs Media Production as a Complete Soulful Essence, combining a whole spectrum of Production Elements in all of Funk-Soul Media’s Productions:


Step 1.

Pre-Production [Script Development, Location Scout, Concepts, Stories, Project Ideas]

Step 2.

Production [Shooting, Filming, Drone Camera Operation]

Step 3.

Post-Production [Colour Grade, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop]

The Result is Media Content, which not only has that Funk-Soul burst of funky creativity and color but also that precision stylish editing, flair and soulfulness that has the Natural, Organic Power for Leading International Businesses, Brands and Clients to have Global Brand Recognition & Sales from our Visionary Film/Video/Media Production.

“Funk-Soul Media’s essence is very simple. Funky Creativity with a Soulful Approach. It doesn’t matter whether I’m collaborating on a media project with one of the world’s most legendary clubs (Space Ibiza) or an internationally leading brand in vein surgery development (Vein Centre UK) , the Core Principles of Care, Integrity & Loyalty are provided respectfully to every living, breathing energy in our constantly evolving Funk-Soul Family.” - Ruairi Cahill (Creative Director)

Camilo Andrés Sepulveda Astudillo

Director of Photography | Creative Strategist | Funk-Soul Media |

Graduate in Filmmaking & Digital Communication from University Autónoma de Occidente in Cali, Colombia. Creator of Party Time Media, Colombia’s first After-Movie Production Company.

With a family tourism business background Camilo lives and breathes the Funk-Soul combination of Care and Integrity with his fresh business attitude. Camilo is a truly inspiring filmmaker; he is always at the forefront of the next incredibly stunning funk-soul visual shot, he has a horse’s work ethic, an a contagiously glistening energy for filming, editing, drone flying and every element of production known to man. Camilo Creates Forward Thinking, Visionary Media Marketing Campaigns.

Funk-Soul Media’s productions are international sought having been hired in internationally renowned locations like London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Ibiza & Colombia. We carry our soulful, hard working mentality in our hearts to every continent. Funk-Soul Media aims not just to provide Top Quality Media content for World Leading Business Brands, Artists and Media Channels but also to provide International City Marketing through our internationally sought media productions.

Equipment Spec:

Phantom 3 DJI Drone, 2 x Sony a7s, 2 x Manfrotto Tripods, RODE Lapel Mics, After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro.

We are proud to work with these amazing brands on many exciting projects.

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