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Funk Soul Media operates as an external production department for Ministry of Sound leading on special documentary projects. Our production and storytelling capabilities combined with Ministry of Sound’s access and platform has allowed us to produce market-leading branded music documentaries for release to a huge passionate and engaged audience.


Hundreds of sweaty clubbers packed into a dance floor, bodies moving, dust swirling around stomping feet, unsettled through music. That was then. This is now. 

Dust settles on empty dance floors. The island’s airports and hotspots unpopulated for the first time in decades. A gentle breeze carries only the sound of the waves; no music, no voices, no laughter. All is halted as a consequence of a novel virus sweeping across the world: Ibiza is put to sleep. 

16 months later, The White Isle begins to rise from her slumber. This mini-series follows how the Island’s movers and shakers begin to prepare for the mass homecoming. Episode one charts how the Island’s beating heartbeat was halted and how those who lived for and from the Island coped with the sudden change. We speak to DC-10 dancer, Nadia Chabane aka ‘Shabby’ and explore what meaning Ibiza carries and how the change in circumstances affected it.  

Throughout this series, we speak to some of the Island’s most established exports and inhabitants. From headliners to residents, club owners and dancers, we follow the journey back to what the Balearic Island does best: bringing people together and explore how it felt to be apart.