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Funk Soul Media CIC in direct collaboration with Sticky Fingers Arts, Education Authority and Peace NI produced an emotive and engaging short documentary which follows the story of the Young Women’s Group as they prepare for one of the biggest nights of their lives at the Sticky Fingers Arts Fashion Show. The documentary shoots which took place over an eight week period were high energy and a lot of fun. It was our job to ensure the young people who are all girls aged thirteen – fifteen felt comfortable delivering their message in front of camera. As human beings we created a bond with the young people. This helped as the young people became comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with us on camera. By week three the young people where use to having us and the camera around. This familiarity and building of trust led to some very natural and mature interviews with the young people as they discussed from their perspectives the important social themes their costumes depicted. Every young person is an individual with their own personality which meant each interview process was different.  Some young people needed guiding with scripting and some didn’t. We were able to adapt to every situation and encourage the young people every step of the way. 

The short documentary displays a stark contrast between the worries the young people faced before the fashion show and the elation and feelings of satisfaction after the fashion show was complete. It was important to add themes of realism into the story as the social anxieties the young people felt before the fashion show are what many teenagers will be able to relate with when they see this film. The young people overcame their fashion show fears with courage and confidence. This will inspire any young person who sees the film to follow their own path in life and not to be limited by fears of the unknown. The young people by participating in the short documentary production built confidence, improved their emotional well being and reduced social isolation. The personal development of the young people through out the fashion show production is evident. The short documentary utilises a lot of creative post production techniques which add to the effective storytelling. Dramatic sound design, fluid slow mo visuals, split screens, colourful effects, creative titles and a soundtrack full of personality over all make this a truly engaging, educational, empowering and entertaining piece of content.

"Ruairi was ever the professional when it came to his approach with the young people. He has such great energy which rubbed off on all those involved in the project. The final edited film work Ruairi did for us was exceptional. Such great quality, fresh, contemporary as well as a total record of the whole project."
Mark Revels
Project Manager