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video production


Funk Soul Media CIC has a clear social purpose to empower hundreds of young people each year to express themselves through fun and accessible creative media experiences. We deliver filmmaking, creative media and rap music workshops that are designed to educate, engage and empower our young people. We strive to use our experience and visual production skills to inspire young people to follow their own destinies in life. Over the next thirty years we aim to be a social enterprise that is responsible for the development of healthy emotional well-being within thousands of young people in local communities and in communities across the world.


Since our inception in 2022 we have worked with eight organisations from the community, education and public sector. 

We have worked with over one hundred young people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

We have delivered creative media programmes to local schools, charities and enterprise agencies. 

Here are some of the community groups, CIC’s and organisations we have worked with:

  • An Tobar CIC [Video Production + DJ Workshops]
  • NMD District Council – Newry Water Festival [DJ Workshops]
  • Sticky Fingers Arts [Baby Beats Workshops + Fashion Show Video Production]
  • Centred Soul [DJ Workshops]
  • Crisis Café CIC [Reconnect NI Programme – Creative Media Workshops]
  • Iur Cinn Fleadh [Rap Concert + Community Engagement Events]
  • Education 2 Employment [Creative Media Workshop]
  • Education Authority [Fashion Show Short Documentary]
  • Bolster Charity [Creative Media Lecture / Event]
  • Armagh Road / Meadow CA [Creative Media Workshop]