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Funk Soul Media CIC delivered a creative media workshop event to over two hundred St.Joseph’s Boys High School pupils at the the Bolster Community mental health fun day. Participants from Years 8 – 11 engaged in a range of fun and exciting creative media activities such as; filmmaking, music video shoots, DJ-ing and dancing. It was our first time delivering creative media workshops to such a big audience of young people. It’s hard to keep young people engaged for ten minutes at times in this social media driven world but by keeping the energy flowing on high we managed to keep the participants engaged for the two hour event. The feedback we received about the event was phenomenal. The young people told us they loved being part of a professional film crew for the day. The participants felt a reduction in isolation as we made it our mission to engage as many of the two hundred participants as possible. The young people built confidence as they showed so much courage by getting involved in creative media activities in front of not just their class mates but the entire Key Stage Three Year Group. It was amazing to see so many young people display so much enthusiasm for our creative media workshops. This is an event we are looking forward to delivering again in the future.