WE ARE the Three E’s Generation: 

Educated, Engaged and Empowered.


Funk Soul Media works with young people aged 11 – 19 who may feel lonely, isolated and at risk of depression or addiction. We do this by providing a suite of creative experiences that help young people to communicate, express themselves and develop long lasting friendships and connections with like minded peer groups. 

Our mission is to give young people the tools to question the facts and make their own decisions in life. We are dedicated to helping improve the emotional well-being of all the young people we work with. We provide young people with the experiences, knowledge, information and insights that could potentially lead them into developing a further interest in the media/creative industries. 


Participants in our fun and creative workshops will feel reduced isolation by being part of an important media production crew for the day. Thoughts and personal daily issues are put to the side as the young peoples’ creativity is given the freedom to channel into an exciting short film or music video shoot.

Young people will feel peer belonging by being part of a community of like-minded creatives their own age all collaborating in a safe environment where their creative skills will naturally develop, Participants of our creative media workshops are performing the subversive experiential by using safe tools to verbalise their own pain in a safe way. 


Funk Soul Media’s truly unique character building creative media workshops empower participants to be the next generation of free thinkers, creative geniuses and society builders.

The opportunity to write, film and edit short visual stories around the issues young people care about becomes an integral way of expressing their feelings. Creativity becomes the safe median vehicle through which young people can truly express themselves. Fears are shared by tackling stigmas and social issues that are close to young people.

We encourage young people to share their stories so other young people will feel inspired to share theirs too. We are aiming over the next twenty years to create a society where people will openly share their pains and afflictions without fear or judgement.


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